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"As you continue to rise, ensure you're reaching back to lift up."


Integrated Marketing, What Does it Mean In Media Today? 

Shifting Your Multi-cultural Strategy

General Population vs

Multi-Cultural Marketing

Normalizing DEI in Everyday

Leadership Communication 


Navigating Your Career Growth   
The path to career success is rarely a straight line. Crafting your path and leaving room for it to be derailed at every turn is a tricky but necessary step. 

Relationship Building for Success
Skills and credentials are just a part of the puzzle to success. Understanding how to build strong, reciprocal — not transactional — relationships is the true key to

career success.

Building a Full-filling Media Career
From the outside, a media career looks like a lot of glitz and glamour — and it is! But it’s also a lot of hard work and not for the faint of heart. How do you break in, how do you stay in, and how do you get ahead in show biz?

Navigating Business School 
Going to business school can be a game changer for both your career and your overall life. How do you decide if b-school is right for you, where to go, and what to realistically expect before, during, and after. 

Single and Striving:

"Finding balance between professional achievement and personal growth"
How to navigate through the societal expectations and timelines of what we’re “supposed” to accomplish vs what life circumstances have thrown at us.

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